Lawrence Sorority Girl Kidnapped And Held Hostage For Six Days By Man She Met On Tinder


This is like something out of a movie. A 20-year-old college student met and started talking to a 30-year-old man she met on Tinder, named Shane Steve Allen. They had already met in person once when Allen picked her up around 2:30 p.m. from her sorority house on a Tuesday, but she didn’t return until the next Monday.

When the woman returned to her sorority house, her sisters noticed she had visible injuries to her face, neck, chest, back and legs. She told her story of what happened during those six days to the police, and the details are truly horrific.

After Allen picked her up, he took her back to his home — a trailer. The two simply “hung out,” at first, with the woman working on a school assignment and Allen inviting two male friends over. Allen began accusing her of flirting with one of his friends, and even though the woman denied the accusations, Allen punched her in the eye, knocking her to the ground and continuing to beat her. The woman asked to go home but Allen told her she couldn’t leave until the swelling went down around her eyes. Allen didn’t take her home the next day. Instead, he choked her until she passed out.

From LJ World:

Another time during the six days, Allen pressed his knee to the woman’s throat as she was on the floor, the affidavit says. When she was interviewed by police, they noted “obvious bruising to her throat and jaw line, extending to her ears.”

During the six days, according to the affidavit, Allen never left the woman by herself and allegedly drove her several places, including to a McDonald’s, to one of his relative’s houses and to the house of one of his friends. The woman said she was kicked and strangled on other occasions during the time she was kept against her will.

Throughout the six-day period, the woman asked Allen multiple times to take her home, the affidavit says, and he denied each request, saying she could not go back until her face healed.

The woman told police she was afraid that if she left, Allen would kill her. She said that several times during the week Allen forced her to message her friends on Facebook, letting them know she was OK and that she would be home in a few days.

The woman says she feared for her life during those six days Allen held her hostage. She also believes she couldn’t even leave if she wanted to, as Allen had injured her ankle during one of the beatings and she was unsure of how far she could get. Allen also held a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her.

But for some reason, on the morning of April 18, the woman asked Allen if he would take her home and he agreed. She promised him she wouldn’t contact police.

The woman was returned to her sorority house around 11 a.m. April 18 and was immediately taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, the affidavit says. Investigators noted the she had two black eyes, bruises and swelling on her head, face, neck and the rest of her body, broken blood vessels in her eyes, multiple scrapes and abrasions to her legs, knees, feet and more.

The police were able to arrest Allen on April 22, and he’s facing one felony charge of kidnapping and four felony charges of battery. He’s currently being held in the Douglas County Jail, and if convicted, Allen could face 32 years in prison for his crime.

The woman was hurt, but at least she’s still alive. If Allen would’ve chosen not to let her go, who knows what could’ve happened to her. This should be a lesson to women everywhere — take every precaution when meeting someone online. Turn on the ‘Find My Friends’ App and let someone know exactly where you’ll be at all times. Meet in public places, and if you feel uncomfortable for even a second, then leave. Even if you think it’ll never happen to you, you should still do everything you can to prevent this awful situation.

Be safe out there.


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