Lea Michele’s Nude Photos Prove She’ll Always Love Cory Monteith

Lea Michele

The love story of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith is one of those that still makes me ugly cry at my desk. From characters on a show who fell in love, to real-life people who fell in love, we were ~obsessed~ with them as a couple. And then, Cory passed away three years ago and our hearts were literally broken. Lea’s probably even more so. So a few months ago when she posted a small tattooed number “5” in honor of her quarterback, we weren’t surprised. Devastated, but not surprised. No matter how much time passes, it’s obviously that she’ll always love him.

And then she posed naked for “Women’s Health” and we were devastated again.

First because, holy shit her freaking body. I never fully realized just how hot she was and how much I secretly hated her maybe? I mean, you can’t have that voice, and that body, and those acting skills. It’s just not how it works. But once you get over her total babe figure, you see something else. On her ass, there’s a very small tattoo. And guess what it says? Just guess?!


Yeah. Sob-inducing, right. While some people thought she recently got this new tribute, she announced on Twitter that she’s actually had it for awhile, this is just the first time we’ve see it (and all of her).

If you need me I’ll be watching reruns of “Glee” and considering going to the gym.

[via Elite Daily]

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