Leaked Text Conversation With A Vegas Club Promoter Is The CREEPIEST Thing You’ll See All Week

The last time I went to a wedding, I was the flower girl. None of my friends are married, and that tends to make me happy. Partaking in wedding season seems, in some way, to be a loss of your youth. It’s this very adult step, and none of my friends have been adult enough to take it–until this year. I’ll literally attend SIX weddings and three bachelorette parties.

I feel a little stressed about it all, but I can’t say I’m not excited. I mean, yada yada, life of happiness for my friends blah, blah, blah so in love, whatever. But mostly? I’ve never been to Vegas before, and that sort of feels like a crime against party people. The only downside that comes to mind? That moment when a bouncer tells me, directly or indirectly, that I’m not pretty enough for a club. Kill me.

We all know it happens, but I didn’t know quite how creepy some promoters got about it. Then, bridesmaid Zoe leaked screenshots of a conversation she had with a bouncer while planning her friend’s bachelorette party.




I love an organization with good customer service.

[via Jezebel]

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