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Drake is a very complex man who I can’t seem to figure out. He’s a rapper, but also like, a singer? He loves women, but also bangs a lot of chicks? Well now he’s confusing me once again. At his Nashville concert on Sunday, Drake had a special guest in the audience. It wasn’t Future, it wasn’t Nicki Minaj, it was…Shania Twain?

During the show, Drizzy broke out into what I can only imagine was a soft-spoken monologue.

I just want to say that, like, Shania Twain came to my show tonight, you know what I’m saying Nashville? So this next set, right here, I’m doing this for Shania. This is my love set for Shania, right here.

I’m sorry, Shania Twain?! I figured Drake had many secrets about him that were closeted, but being a Shania Twain fan? That’s one I never saw coming. Let’s imagine a young Aubrey Graham. He’s on the set of Degrassi, just wrapped up a scene as one Jimmy Brooks. He hops out of his character’s wheelchair (spoiler alert), grabs his iPod Nano, puts in his earbuds, and out come the lyrics, “Let’s go girls.” Drake then leaves set, bopping his head to “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” It’s a great image.

Like any twenty-something girl or middle-aged woman, Drake was sure to get a picture with Shania, which he then posted as an early WCW (so you know it’s real).

My WCW even though it's Monday. Shania. 🌹✅😍

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And in true Shania fashion, she in fact, did not seem to be impressed much.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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