Lilly Pulitzer Dies At Age 81

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for sorority girls everywhere. In case you haven’t heard, Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau passed away in her Palm Beach, Florida home surrounded by her family on Sunday, April 7. The fashion designer was 81 years old.

Lilly was the woman behind the dresses so many sorority girls hold near and dear to their hearts, and the inspiration behind the famous, colorful prints found on said dresses. She became famous after designing a dress for her former classmate, Jackie Kennedy, made of — wait for it — curtains from her kitchen (that’s a true story). When photographers snapped the iconic first lady wearing one of Pulitzer’s designs, everybody wanted to get their hands on a Lilly, and they have continued to do so ever since.

Obviously, Lilly’s death is a profound loss in the world of ready-to-wear women’s clothing, if you’re into that. No announcement regarding who will be taking over has been made, but I think it’s safe to say there will be a definite change in the line. I mean, think about what happened after Alexander McQueen died (RIP). Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah Burton, I do, but it’s not the same. I’m sure the spirit of Lilly will live on in the Cassie dress and the Urchin bangle, but we all know something will forever be missing from the line most-loved by sorority girls.

If anyone can find comfort in this sad, tragic loss, it must be the shower curtains of the world, who will never have to spend another day living in fear that some woman may cut them down and turn them into a dress.

Let’s all take a moment of silence here. May the genius behind a pattern called “Multi Ice Cream Social” rest in peace.

[via CNN]

Image via Slate


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