Lilly Pulitzer’s Grandson Is A Total, Hot AF Bad Boy


I’m going to be totally honest, I’m not a fan of Lilly Pulitzer. Sure, I have the tote bag with my sorority’s print and was gifted the makeup bag during my undergrad (I’m not a monster). Still, I wasn’t the first in line, physically or virtually when the “Lilly for Target” fiasco of 2015 went down and wearing the classic, table-cloth looking dresses for recruitment lowkey made me want to die.

While I’m not obsessed with Lilly, I do have to admit, the broad gave us something amazing: her grandson. The New York Post recently brought the legendary designer’s 34-year-old grandson, Chris P. Leidy, into the spotlight — and for that, we are totally grateful. Chris is tatted up, hot AF underwater photographer (because of course he is) and he’s doing things for us that his granny never could.

While our future husband doesn’t usually rock his grandmother’s apparel, he will incorporate the occasional vintage Lilly. For the most part, however, he usually sticks to jeans and converse to compliment his 150 tattoos. Even though he doesn’t really “do the bright color thing,” he does respect it and all his granny accomplished in her 81 years. And now her legend can live on in sorority gifts and this incredible specimen. Thanks for existing, Chris Leidy. Nothing has ever made me want to rip one of your grandmother’s shift dresses off faster.

[via The New York Post]

Image via Instagram

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