Little Boy Wins Over Entire Baseball Stadium, Gives Pretty Girl Fly Ball

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In an adorable turn of events at the Texas Rangers baseball game on Saturday night, a young fan caught a foul ball AND made moves on a cute girl. This stud muffin was in the front row and apparently was in a flirt scenario with one of the girls seated behind him. Maybe it was his big Texas ego that allowed him to step up to the plate and put the moves on this girl. I mean, really. She got a baseball without ANY effort.

It was all captured on live TV, too, so both of them can now instant replay the whole situation and evaluate it. That’s actually my dream–you know, to be able to reevaluate every interaction I have with a man. Anyway, it was adorable and they can both cherish their 15 minutes of fame forever.

The video shows the boy catching a ball that a player tosses to him. What some people fail to realize is that he already has a baseball in his hand. Did he catch ANOTHER one? Did he bring it from home? Did the girl catch one and give it to him? The possibilities are endless, but I digress.

He catches the ball, turns around, and grins at the blonde girl behind him. Then he proceeds to give her the ball he already had in his glove. Now, everyone assumes he’s flirting with her, maybe hoping for a post-game lap around the bases. But maybe he just had an extra baseball and was looking to get rid of it. The girl looks super relaxed, so Lord knows she isn’t jumping up to catch a fly ball anytime soon. Maybe he just felt bad for her.

In a snarky and jealous evaluation of this scenario, shouldn’t he have written his digits on it first? Or is he too young for a cell phone? Maybe he should have gone with his AIM screen name.

Either way, this kid will obviously have even more moves to put on the ladies when he’s older. He already has more balls than he knows what to do with.

[via Yahoo]

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