Lots Of Starbucks Are Now Serving Alcohol Just In Time For Recruitment

Starbucks alcohol

Ladies, it’s finally happened. After lots of trial, lots of rumors, and lots of “test runs,” our dreams are coming true.

Starbucks is actually serving alcohol.

And not just like, one Starbucks 2,000 miles away. I mean lots of Starbucks’ are serving alcohol. According to CNN Money, our favorite little corner café (read: the giant company that has completely taken over the world) has just added five more “alcohol” locations, making a total of seventy nationwide. This will make for the sixth one in Denver, the ninth one in California, the fifth one in Orlando, and the second on in Miami.

So what does this mean? Basically, if your Starbucks is rolling out the “evening program,” you’re going to be getting coffee in heaven. Like, actual heaven.

From CNN Money:

The company’s online menu offers a selection of wines, including Malbec, pinot noir, pinot gris and Prosecco. “Ask your barista about our current selection of curated craft beers,” reads the menu.

The drinks are served alongside dishes that are not the usual Starbucks fare. Small plates include truffle mac & cheese, chicken skewers, artichoke & goat cheese flatbread, meat balls with tomato basil sauce, bacon-wrapped dates, a cheese plate and truffle popcorn.

So. There’s wine. There’s mac & cheese. There’s beer (craft, of course) so your boyfriend will finally stop bitching about going to Starbs with you. And, of course, there’s coffee. If you didn’t feel like Starbucks full understood you as a person yet, I’m sure you do now.

The plan is to have 2,000 of its 12,000 coffee shops in America serving alcohol in the next five years. Until then, we can all be jealous of those girls who can grab a coffee and a glass of wine in between rounds of recruitment. Sure, it’s dry week. But hoesntly? We think of that as more of a suggestion than a rule. So yes, you will have some Moscato with your latte.

[via CNN Money]

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