Georgia High School Organizes Questionable Cheerleader Sleepover

God, do I miss Friday Night Lights. Our football team was more or less the off-season lacrosse practice, so the combination of football, drama, and romantic subplots was just like coke to that one sorority house on campus. Therefore, the sight of a news story that combined the three gave me a little bump…of excitement this morning.

At Lovejoy High School in Clayton, Georgia, the cheerleading coach organized a pledge event that she called “Judge and Jury” at a team sleepover at her house. The coach, naturally, was the judge, while the remainder of the team was the jury. One of the cheerleaders would be selected to answer a question beginning with “Honestly…” and if she were found incorrect by the jury, she had the option of running a lap or removing an article of clothing. Presumably the majority of the students were underage and there are “allegations that the incident may have been videotaped.”

This reads to me as a big sis week activity that was executed about 45% incorrectly, but then again our big sis week involved a lot of stripteases by the pledge classes of friendly fraternities. If you do not incorporate this already, I can not suggest it highly enough. I digress.

I was in no way, shape, or form a cheerleader, so perhaps team sleepovers with the coach are a normal activity, but I can’t help but feel it was wildly inappropriate and the police investigators seem to agree. Also, did she transport the students to the track for the aforementioned partially clothed running? In her defense, the coach reports that she closed her eyes and did not see any of the girls running in their undergarments, and that she remained fully clothed herself.

No doubt, a low budget porno will be produced based upon this incident within the next 3-4 weeks, and one of the TFM boy trolls will use the word “fap” in a comment within 2 hours. So, to you, unnamed coach of a cheerleading team in Georgia, the entire sorority community thanks you for reminding young men what we really do when we have sleepovers: run around in our underwear, commit some form of crime, and then probably make out with each other afterward.


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