LSU Acacia Pledge Reveals Every Gruesome Detail Of His Pledge Process In This Video

LSU Acacia Pledge Reveals Every Gruesome Detail Of His Pledge Process In This Video

There’s a difference between boy hazing and girl hazing. Boy hazing is gross food and no sleep. Girl hazing is making out with your big. Just kidding — but it’s amazing how every movie ever and a whole ton of porn is dedicated to the idea that sorority hazing involves new girls getting jiggy with each other. Girl hazing is not the issue here, though. A fucking scavenger hunt has never made headlines. It’s the inhumane dude shit that gets Greeks into trouble.

Look, I can understand doing housework and a little mental fuckery to put a freshman in his place — after all, every woman in history has endured this — but eating dog food and physical harm get to me. I remember my boyfriend having to roll around in vomit and I wept for him. Also, I just used the word “wept,” so now you have a little insight into how dramatic I feel about it all. As dumb as I think most fraternity hazing is, there is a mutual understanding between actives and pledges: if you don’t like it, then you can walk out the door, never to return, but the one rule of pledgeship is you don’t talk about pledgeship.

An Acacia pledge at LSU however, didn’t follow along. He wrote to LSU’s Director of Greek Life of all people, detailing his Hell Week as a sort of “warning” to future pledges about just how hard it was going to be, not as a means to get anyone in trouble. Since then, the fraternity has been suspended indefinitely, and a video has been released detailing the student’s pledgeship.

So glad all I had to do was let my pledge sister go down on me. KIDDING! Geez, you people are so touchy.

[via LSU Reville]

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