Luke Bryan Talks About Being A Frat Boy

Luke Bryan Frat Boy

Luke Bryan, god among men, Sigma Chi, and perfect specimen recently gave an interview with Billboard. The singer and his wife are currently raising his sister’s three children along with their own two sons after her tragic death. And he’s handling it like a champion, saying he feels “honored” to be caring for his family. But he hasn’t let the somber state of affairs mess withhis music.

From Billboard:

“I’ve heard people say I do ‘frat-boy music,’ ” he says dismissively. But Bryan comes by his anthems honestly. In ­college at Georgia Southern University, he ran wild with his Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, leading bands that got the girls shaking. And even now, as a family man pushing 40 — he met his wife, Caroline, in college — he can still sell a tune like “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).” “At some point, me singing about frat party themes is just not going to be realistic,” he says. “But if I look like a weird old dude up onstage, I’ll be the first one to come to that realization.”

Oh, Luke. You say “frat boy” like it’s a bad thing. What’s wrong with being a frat boy (besides the stereotypes that imply you’re some kind of bigot)? Frat boy is half your appeal. Sixty-five percent of your fanbase loves you because you once sang a song about sorority girls. If your time to be a frat boy was going to have passed, it would have passed by now. You’re 39. Which is still way too young to be my dad, so it’s fine if you want to date me.

And who better to talk about bustling issues like the Confederate flag than a celebrity frat boy? Billboard couldn’t think of anyone.

“Where I grew up, I never understood the Confederate flag to be a negative thing. But if the Ku Klux Klan is going to walk around and turn the Confederate flag into their deal …” He pauses, and shakes his head. “It’s become a symbol of racism to a majority of people. And we live in a country where we have to listen to people’s opinions and work it out.”

So there you have it, folks. Luke Bryan loves family, secretly loves being a frat boy, and hates racism. Let’s get married.

[via Billboard]

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