“Magic Mike” Is Becoming A Real Life Show

Magic Mike

If you’ve never seen “Magic Mike,” then please, exit this article, call up one of your sisters and request a movie night STAT, because you have missed out on one of the most fundamental female bonding experiences. There is nothing that can bring a group of women closer than salivating while watching the hottest version of Channing Tatum gyrate his hips on stage while also weaving a beautiful story that has heart, laughs, and naked men. Honestly, speaking in terms of how quickly it can bond two women, I would rank it with finding out you dated the same asshole, being in some sort of semi-dangerous situation, or taking a girls weekend to Vegas.

In what is the most important upgrade since going from pledge to sister, the world of “Magic Mike” and the Kings of Tampa are finally getting the upgrade they deserve. That’s right, “Magic Mike” is going live.

The show is going to take place at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas. Even the name of the casino is sexy. It’s slated to open in March of 2017, which is exactly how much time I will need if I want to save enough to take up permanent residency in the hotel’s lounge.

Channing Tatum wanted to bring the core of the movie to the live version. Yep, all our dreams are coming true. Channing Tatum is focusing his energy into making sure the show is about pleasing women. Going to see a strip show as a girl can be weird, so Channing wants to “create a place for women that is their gentlemen’s club, their Playboy club. It shouldn’t be sleazy.”

The announcement video proves he’s about making sure women get theirs. He walks around a house full of hot, shirtless men playing with puppies while explaining that he gets it. Women shouldn’t have to only watch hot men stripping from the confines of the living rooms. They should do it surrounded by their friends, in a semi-fancy Las Vegas casino. Say au revoir to the gentlemen’s club, it’s time for gentleladies to have their time in sun — or the red glow of mood lighting.

BRB, booking a one-way ticket to Las Vegas.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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