Mailbag: I’m About To Graduate High School And I’m Terrified About Recruitment


Dear Srat Bro,

I have spent an unhealthy amount of time on TSM trying to avoid the fact that I haven’t graduated high school yet (one more week) and pretending that I live the glamorous life of plastering Greek letters on my car and learning the art of hiding a hangover. Until this morning when I had the realization of “oh my gosh this is possibly all going to happen in 3 short months,” and now I’m kind of freaking out.

So, I was wondering what is the best pre-recruitment/recruitment advice you have? I’d like to think I have everything figured out, but let’s face it. Nobody does. *cue mental breakdown*


PNM in Training

Dear PNM in Training,

I go to a medium sized school, so our recruitment experiences will be pretty different, but I can give you some tips that I feel like are universal.

What To Wear
I was given a t-shirt, but we were encouraged to wear statement jewelry or decorate our name tag to stand out. I drew a clown on mine because my dad went to clown college and I was class clown in high school. I was remembered as “Clown Girl” and I stood out. You also have an advantage if you’re just pretty (jk).

What To Say
I mean, if you are a normal person with a solid personality, you honestly have nothing to worry about. But one tip my chapter always says is don’t talk about the 5 B’s:

  • Boys
  • Booze
  • Bush (politics, but pubic hair is also frowned upon)
  • Bible (religion)
  • Bowels

Just steer clear of those. Yes, everyone can relate to them, but you don’t want to label yourself in any way that’s not related to your character. One girl told me about how she hated her roommate and to get back at her she rubbed her toothbrush in the toilet. So, like, she’s not in my chapter. You’ll be bombarded with a ton of questions, but we all love when girls ask us questions, especially about the sorority. It shows that you’re interested. Ask the girls about their favorite events they’ve participated in, or their “a-ha” moments within the sorority, stuff like that. It’ll help you learn more about the sisterhood too.

Social Media
Girls WILL creep on you. Keep subtweeting and selfies to an absolute minimum. We wanna find out who you are, not just what your face looks like when you stand in front of a window. Plus, if you constantly subtweet, then we know you’ll end up subtweeting about us. And we’re not cool with that.

Who To Pick
Choose the girls you already are, not the ones you want to be. It’s easy to get wrapped up in tiers and stereotypes, but when the glitter settles, you are stuck with these girls. I have a few friends who regret their decision every day because they are in a chapter where they don’t feel like they belong.

But like I said, I really don’t think you’ll have a problem. Ultimately, being yourself is the biggest thing. The sisters will be just as nervous as you are, so if you just talk like you’ve known the girl forever it’ll make them comfortable with you, and they will remember that.

Good luck and happy graduation!

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