Makeup Artist Literally Creates Art On Her Lips

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I was absolutely hopeless at crafting until I joined a sorority and was thrown in the proverbial deep end of forced creativity. I learned that mod podge was forgiving, and that I could put enough sequins or glitter on almost anything that would effectively mask the reality, which was that I’m just not a super creative person in that way.

It’s the same way with makeup, for me. I’ve never contoured in my life (confession time), and it’s not that I’ve never wanted to. It’s just not something that’s ever come easily to me. When someone offers to do my eye makeup or my hair before we go out, I consider it the best day ever. I’m always the one getting her makeup done by someone more competent, never the one who someone asks to help them out with their winged eyeliner. This is probably why I have an insane amount of respect for people who are total pros at things like makeup. It’s a talent I don’t possess and I think anyone who can push creative boundaries on their face has got to have some amazing skills that I wish I could steal somehow.

I’m now living vicariously through an Instagram star named Miss Jazmina, who is an amazingly talented artist who creates beautiful landscape and character depiction lip art. According to Buzzfeed, Jazmina has always been artsy but began focusing more on makeup after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The best part is that she brings some of the best characters of all time to life, from The Little Mermaid to The Nightmare Before Christmas, and all in gorgeous lip creations. But she doesn’t just do characters, she does everything from galaxy lips to landscapes, and they’re all straight fire. She uses anything from actual lip products to glitter to decals to create her looks, and she’s an inspiration to anyone like me, who still struggles with putting regular lipstick on at all.

Hey, Jazmina, if you ever feel like taking on a major project on someone’s face besides your own, I’m available.

[via BuzzFeed]

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