Man Grabs Beyonce’s Ass at Concert in Denmark

Oh, Copenhagen. I forgot you existed.

Queen Bey recently graced the country of Denmark with her presence. She performed a sold out concert, and during her “Irreplaceable” number, she proved herself to be a people’s princess by walking out and giving a few of her loyal subjects high fives. All was well in Denmark’s capital city until one rowdy fan got a little too overwhelmed by Beyonce…and slapped her ass.

Unsurprisingly, Queen Beyowulf was NONE too thrilled with the game of grab ass being played in the middle of her concert. She kept her cool, but then said, “I’m going to have you escorted out right now, alright?” to the rowdy gentleman who couldn’t contain himself.

In his defense, the singer WAS once known for serenading people that her body was too bootylicious for them, but those were in her wild days, before she was married to Jay Z. I don’t know how current Denmark is, but when I was there, guys were wearing capri pants. Maybe he didn’t realize that the appropriate response to Beyonce crooning “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly,” back in the ’90s isn’t “challenge accepted” today. Maybe he was overwhelmed. Who knows?

Either way, he was an idiot. Any true loyal subject of Beyonce knows she is a lady, and you can’t just go around playing grab-ass with the Queen of the Universe. Some stars love a good dose of sexual harrassment. One former Nickelodeon star even enjoys a good game of “Slap my Vagina” when she’s high. A current MTV star makes sex tapes of her having anal sex for her own viewing pleasure. Beyonce, however, is in a league of her own, and apparently can’t lighten up that someone wanted to sexually harass her in the middle of a concert.
I think it’s pretty fucking hilarious, but you be the judge.

[via LA Times]

Image via Associated Press


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