Man Rubs Chili Pepper On His Girlfriend’s Tampon, Is Satan Reincarnated


People in relationships tend to wind up having some pretty weird habits that only make sense to both of them. And that’s just fine — if your special bond with your boyfriend includes both of you putting on cat ears to have sex, or painting his toenails whenever you paint yours, fine. You’re weird, but so is everyone in a relationship. You do things together that other people might not understand, and for the most part, those things are safe habits that bring you closer as a couple.

Unless you’re this couple. If you’re this couple, get out now, because this shit is not normal.

Brad Holmes is a guy out there who is basically famous for pranking his girlfriend, Jenny Davies. So, yes, he is famous for being a shit boyfriend, which is undoubtedly every douchebag’s dream, although you do have to wonder if Jenny is in on it.

I would hope that after being fake proposed to, this girl has her guard up, knows everything this guy says is bullshit, and is just playing along for the cameras. He recently pulled another prank on her, however, that if it’s true is downright Satanic.

This guy rubbed a chili pepper on his girlfriend’s tampon… and then she used it. I’m cringing just imagining this. At the very least, the pain would be awful, and at worst I have to imagine that the situation could be medically dangerous.

There is a video of the aftermath that has since been taken down from Holmes’s Facebook page where Jenny admits she’s feeling some pain and it feels like her vagina is on fire. I cannot imagine what I would do in a situation like this, except yes, I can.

There would be blood involved, none of which would be mine, and the guy who did this to me would suddenly disappear off the face of the earth. Girls spend so much time having to deal with their vaginas already– from shaving so guys don’t complain about hair, to gyno visits, to one day pushing a live human being out of there, just to name a few. The last thing we need is some asshole fucking with them in a sociopathic, painful, non-sexual way.

Whether the video was staged is up for debate, although Brad insists all his pranks are legitimate. I have three words for you, Jenny: get out now. This is some sick shit. She kicked him out of the house when he showed her the pepper, but that’s not enough. A man who tries to sabotage the place where sex happens is no man at all, and you deserve more than a chili pepper vagina, girlfriend.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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