Man Tried Selling His Wife On eBay And She’s Only Pissed About The Photo He Chose

man sells wife on ebay

Don’t you just hate it when your significant other uses a bad photo of you when he tries selling you on eBay? If putting you up for sale you isn’t enough to call it quits, using a gross picture of you should do the trick.

Simon O’Kane, from Yorkshire, England, got all butt hurt that his wife was apathetic when he was feeling down one day, so he put her up for sale on eBay. He didn’t even have the decency to try additional sites such as Amazon and Craigslist. What a shame he had to stick to just one website.

The ad stated: “One wife for sale. Not new has been used but still got some good miles in her.”

His reason for the sale read, “I’ve had my fill and feel like there HAS to be someone out there more deserving of her than me.”

Here were the details of the product:

“Body work and paint work still in decent shape and has some skills in the kitchen…. Often makes this noise that cannot be silenced until you order brand new shiny parts of metal. Sometimes them skills in the kitchen result in you ending up in a hospital…. All in all not a bad model for the year, I’m sure some lucky guy will get lots of use. Offers welcome may consider a Part Exchange for a younger model.”

The eBay ad was pulled at £65 000. Unfortunately for him, he put all of that detail and thought into the posting, but the main thing that pissed her off was the picture he chose.

His wife, Leandra, told Metro, “Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale, but he used such a bad photo.” Ugh. Only a dickhead would use a shitty picture when trying to sell his wife. How rude. But the most bizarre part of all of this is that she STILL didn’t dump his ass.

[via Elite Daily]

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