Meet The New App That Is Marketing Itself As “Tinder, Minus The Poor People”

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In the past decade, dating has come a long way. We actually used to have to meet our potential suitors in person (yes, I know, I’m ancient). Then we called them on their home phones. Then their cell phones. Then we texted. We talked to each other on AIM, and we put them in our away messages. We signed up for dating websites. We met each other on the internet. Finally, in 2013, Tinder came along and we thought we had seen the be-all, end-all of dating. We were so wrong.

Tinder has officially been pushed to the side with the creation of the app Luxy. Luxy has all the ease of Tinder–just like the popular app, you swipe left to reject and right to match, and once you’ve bonded over a moment of superficial judgment, the app allows you to converse. However, there is one very significant difference. Luxy is for rich people only.

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That’s right, the app self-markets as “Tinder, minus the poor people.” Luxy’s CEO says of the app, “With the rise of high-speed digital dating, it’s about time somebody introduced a filter to weed out low-income prospects by neighborhood.” But how can you trust that location is the sole determiner of your next mistake’s fortune? A Luxy spokesperson assures us that income verification is in the works for this app. You can match with others not just based on appearances, but on your favorite luxury brands, too. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel as good as knowing that even though I may regret hooking up with my match the next morning, at least I’ll do so in comfort on 1,000-thread-count sheets.

At the moment, Luxy has between 1,000 and 5,000 users, but that’s not the best part. According to the company, the income of the average user is $250,000 annually. For your own good, stop reading this now and sign up. You’re welcome, ladies, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

[via Business Insider]

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