Men Are Complaining About The Side Effects Of Male Birth Control, Even Though They Are The Same Side Effects As Women Birth Control


Women are powerful creatures. We can push a watermelon out of our vagina, we can rationally deal with fuckboys by putting them on blast on all social media outlets, and we can handle the side effects of birth control, but turns out most men can’t. Wow, what shocker, women have more mental stability than men when it comes to pretty much everything, or maybe just birth control.

Okay, I should back up. Since when are dudes taking birth control anyway? Unfortunately, men in the United States haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, but in Switzerland some guys are getting birth control injections that reduce the sperm count of their ejaculations. And turns out, the injections actually work pretty well. Of the 266 married men who participated in getting the shots regularly, only four ended up getting their lady prego.

So this is all good and dandy, right? Until the guys started bitching and moaning about the side effects, which include mood swings and depression. HELLO!? NEWS FLASH TO THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF PLANET EARTH. Mood swings and depression are side effects of women birth control, too. How many times have I punched a hole in the wall because I ran out of jelly when I’m taking birth control? How many times have I cried uncontrollably because the guy I liked looked at another girl and breathed in her direction? But the female population pulls it together all so we don’t have to birth a child that will some day end up just like us.

So moral of the story. Girls can handle their shit, and guys can’t. Welcome to 2016.

[via CBS]

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