Meryl Streep Wants Amy Schumer To Play Her In A Movie And We Are So About It


Meryl Streep has played every iconic role from Julia Child in “Julia & Julia” to Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada.” She can do absolutely no wrong. She’s a living legend and actors bow down at the chance to meet her, let alone work with her. Meryl Streep is the greatest actress of our time, which is why I’m sure it’s somewhat intimidating to interview her.

Matthew Jacobs of the Huffington Post sat down with Meryl Streep to promote her new movie “Florence Foster Jenkins,” and took the incredible opportunity as a chance to ask her questions like “Which one of your friends would be best at chopping wood,” and “talking like Kermit the frog?” He has some stupid reason for asking her these dumb questions, but if I had the chance to interview a living legend like Meryl Streep I would wrack my brain to come up with something better than “Which one of your friends would be best at imitating farm animals?” Whatever.

Meryl Streep obviously struggled with answering some of these questions (because they’re fucking stupid) but when asked “Who would be best at playing Meryl Streep in a Meryl Streep biopic,” she matter-of-factly answered, “Amy Schumer, of course.”

You just know she’s thought about this before, and who could blame her? We’ve all thought of what famous and better-looking celebrity would play us in a movie (my pick would be Ariana Grande), but in Meryl’s case, there will probably actually be a movie about her life so her answer is kind of more important.

Amy Schumer heard about Meryl Streep blessing her with this honor and rightfully freaked the fuck out (in a good way).

We know, Amy. That’s a big fucking deal. First, Meryl Streep is an Amy Schumer fan?! Second, Amy Schumer would make a perfect Meryl Streep and I’m kind of upset I didn’t think of that myself. Amy Schumer is obviously thrilled by the mention, so we can only hope this means she’s totally on board with the idea.

Please, Hollywood, make this happen.

[via Hello Giggles]

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