Miami University Down Three Fraternities In One Semester

Miami University Down Three Fraternities In One Semester

This past April, Miami University, Ohio was notified of incriminating Snapchat photos of Sigma Nu’s pledges. The newest pledge class allegedly had tally marks on their chests counting up the beers they’d drunk in an attempt to reach 100 beers. The boys were also allegedly denied showering or shaving as a part of their pledge process. The fraternity and some of its pledges went on record denying the allegations, with one new member Austin Worrell claiming that the fraternity was “building up a brotherhood.” The fraternity was suspended until May 2018.

After discovering Phi Kappa Psi was was serving minors at its parties and hazing new members, it was discovered that an “inappropriate photo” of a student was being distributed throughout fraternity. In May, the fraternity was also suspended by the university, which cited “mental abuse, alcohol use, and disorderly conduct violations.”

Kappa Sigma was put on probation this past March due to pledge exhaustion. The new members were forced to work late at night through the early morning (from 3:30am to 6:00am) as part of their pledge process. Outside those hours, pledges engaged in general custodial labor — cleaning actives’ rooms, buying their food, etc. The fraternity is no longer recognized by nationals.

Between the three fraternities, 285 fraternity members at Miami are on suspension or probation, but IFC president Zach Scheid sees this as a good thing.

“We’re improving and we’re being proactive,” Scheid said. “Yes, we lost three chapters. But, I take pride in that. We’re showing that we don’t stand for that kind of behavior.”

Three down. Interesting approach.

[via Journal News]

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