Michelle Obama Discovers Boxed Wine At CVS With Ellen, Is Basically All Of Us


It’s no secret the First Lady Michelle Obama is the kind of woman every girl should aspire to be. She lives in a quasi-castle, she’s a prettier, healthier, still relevant version of Paula Dean, and is currently married to the most powerful man in the free world (talk about scoring a sugar daddy). As if Mrs. First Lady wasn’t already likable enough already, she can now add “Boxed Wine Drinker” to her list of ways to win over even the most basic bitches of America.

Yesterday The Ellen Show aired an episode of Michelle Obama and Ellen on a shopping trip to CVS. After fast forwarding through Obama examining irrelevant items, the First Lady discovers boxed wine on national television. Now, I don’t know if the students at Princeton University just don’t have time for fun, or if Michelle was too busy chasing Mr. President to have time to chug high calorie pink booze from a bag, but judging by how fast she and Ellen start pouring White Zinfandel, Mrs. Obama is clearly down to party.

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little bit jealous I didn’t score an invite to the “Boxed Wine at CVS” party. Nonetheless, I still applaud Mrs. Obama for further proving that with a red solo cup of cheap wine in hand, a girl can accomplish anything.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via YouTube

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