Miley Cyrus Wrote A Song About Her Dead Fish And Cried While Performing It

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It’s a classic love story: a girl and her blowfish. Well, if you’re Miley Cyrus it is. Along with her plethora of pets including her pig, Bubba Sue, Miley also had a pet blowfish named Pablow. The two must’ve really hit it off, because when the late Pablow passed, it hit Miley hard. She didn’t take the news well, and grieved her dear fishy friend by getting a tattoo of him.

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I hate goodbyes 💔😿💔😿

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Along with her tattoo tribute, Mizz Cyrus filled the void Pablow left by writing this touching ballad she performed in one of her “Happy Hippie: Backyard Sessions.” Just take a look at these heartfelt lyrics — about a blowfish.

It starts out innocently enough. This could easily be passed along as a song about a crush, and transformed into a Top 40 hit.

“How can I love
Someone I never touched”

Then when she reaches the chorus, we realize she’s really lost her marbles.

“And Pablow the blowfish
I miss you so much
And Pablow the blowfish
I miss you so bad”

And just when you think she couldn’t get weirder, she pours out her heart about when she got sushi with her friends. Truly tragic.

“On Saturday night
We all went out to eat
But I can never decide
So someone chose sushi
I got soup
And I ordered rice
But watching my friends eat my friends
Ruined my appetite”

Watch the emotional performance and judge for yourself. Has she lost it?

Some of you may remember a few months ago my dear blow fish Pablow past away. I wrote this song for him…He made me so happy and I miss him everyday…. But now he is with Floyd and Melanie's sweet Sadie

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Monday, May 18, 2015

First world problems.

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