Miley Hates Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair, Posts Hilarious Instagram Making Fun Of It

Miley Hates Kim Kardashian's Blonde Hair, Posts Hilarious Instagram Making Fun Of It

When I first saw Kim K.’s new hair color, I audibly gasped. Then I said, “What the HELL was she thinking?” Turns out, I wasn’t the only person to have that thought, as Miley Cyrus posted the following LOL-worthy pic to her Instagram.

Omg @anderssonjj @kimkardashian

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Now all we have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for Kim K. to see this and respond with a shitty picture of Miley. I know that Twitter is usually the platform of choice when it comes to Kardashian social media fights, but I’m really hoping for a quality Instagram feud. Also, do we think Kanye will get in on this? It’s too bad awards season is over, because I would absolutely love to see him storm the stage and say, “Nice try, MiCy. But Beyoncé has the best Instagram game of all time. OF ALL TIME. Kanye out.”

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