Miley Took A Selfie While Wearing Clothes That Mock Sexual Abuse Victims Because Apparently She’s Completely Lost It

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Cool, Miley. You’ve let us down multiple times before, like when you grinded (ground?) all over a married man and stopped filming “Hannah Montana.” Everyone goes through a slut phase and lets her freak flag fly, so to speak. But this? This is something that is hard to forgive, and it’s honestly making me actively dislike you.

I understand that accidents happen. People can take images of you out of context and make them mean whatever they want for the sake of a story. Unfortunately, this is not what happened here. Miley PHOTOGRAPHED HERSELF (she later took it off Instagram) wearing a shirt that makes fun of sexual abuse victims. Not only is she wearing this shirt to advocate a horrible message for the sake of a joke, but she promoted herself doing it. Disgusting.

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The shirt Miley’s wearing sports a photo of Terry Richardson. The text beneath, which she just barely cropped out, reads, “I was touched by Terry.” Sickeningly enough, the shirt is available on the web.

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In case you aren’t familiar, Richardson is a fashion photographer known for abusing his subjects. Several women who have been photographed by him have come forward with their stories about him touching them, forcing them into sexual situations, or forcing himself on them during what should have been a typical workday for these girls. To know that someone so involved in the media as Miley can take this manner lightly literally makes my stomach turn. Seriously, Miley. Get it together.

[via Hollyscoop]

Image via Christopher Lee Suave,Instagram

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