Millenials Turn To Go Fund Me, Seeking $3,000 For $350 Coachella Tickets


Go Fund Me is pretty much the moneymaker of our generation, and for good reason. Personally, my preference when it comes to acquiring money for something is to ask my father, but for some people, this isn’t always an option. When you’re faced with the adversity that is having to find money for an event by yourself, sometimes you need to get creative. Older generations suggest things like “getting a job,” and “earning the money for yourself,” but that method of monetary acquisition is sort of outdated. Enter Go Fund Me. Instead of going out and making money, you can just ask people for the money they already have. It’s genius.

Two pretty girls, Mel and Teresa, who hope to go to Coachella, are taking advantage of this money-making medium. From their Go Fund Me page:

Mel and Teresa seek to experience life through the lens of unrestricted love and phenomenal energy- to be spiritually awakened through art. This is the year we need to make the pilgrimage to the Holy Grail of festivals: Coachella. Why Coachella, because, this is the most epic line up ever, it’s mind-blowing. Girl Talk will be there. It’s a sign, because he was the first concert we saw, he introduced us to the community – we knew this was the moment of our lives. In this moment we realize the need to give, love and share. Even if you don’t know the person you’re experiencing the beat drop with – because that’s what makes an experience that keeps giving and it starts with you.

Now, Coachella tickets for the girls only cost $350, but Mel and Teresa are no fools. They are asking for $3,000, because everyone knows they will have a ton of important expenses, like clothes and drugs. Here is a breakdown of where your money is going:

Cost Breakdown

It seems like they’ve accounted for everything, assuming condoms and Plan B is covered under “Epic Shit.”

This may seem a little ridiculous to some, but Mel and Teresa are willing to pay for what they get. For $5 donations, they will favorite a subpar tweet, which is well worth it if you seek validation via the Internet, like I do. For $10, they will send you an Instagram direct of themselves in front of the Coachella Ferris Wheel–I highly suggest this option for dudes, because they’re cute. They didn’t say it could eventually parlay into nudes, but they didn’t rule it out anywhere. For a mere $3,000, you will receive a Vine of every set the girls make it to–it will almost be like you’re there for six seconds.

If you’re still not convinced to donate, watch their video. They explain it better than I do. Go Fund Them!

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