Millennials Are Now Hiring Instagram Consultants To Help Increase Likes Because We Are Scum


There’s no greater feeling than watching the likes rack up in the hours after you post a fire ‘gram. Seriously, a good Instagram pic can really turn your entire day around. Forget ice cream and crying — the best cure for sadness is likes.

But what if your Instagram is not as *fire* as you want it to be? Try as you might, your captions are just not clever enough and your images aren’t as good as that blogger you obsessively follow. Your likes are suffering. You, as a person, are suffering. You need help.

You’re not alone in this. Tons of millennials who feel their Instagrams lack a certain “likability” are actually hiring Instagram consultants (because yes, that job exists, and when I find out how to get it I am immediately applying) to help improve their Instagram game.

“Part photographer and part critic, these experts have become a must-hire for wannabe social-media stars on the photo-sharing site, which has exploded to nearly 400 million active users,” says The New York Post.

I don’t appreciate the sass, New York Post. We are not “wannabe social media stars,” we are CURATING AN EXPERIENCE for our loyal followers. Moving on.

The New York Post goes on to say that in this day and age, creating and maintaining a personal brand could garner “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, job offers and experiences,” which is a better way of saying that people who are good at Instagram get a lot of free shit. I want free shit, ergo I need a better personal brand.

Sydney Vincent hired Instagram expert Louisa Wells, a 23-year-old Upper East Sider (#goals) whose real job is at a photo studio, to upgrade her lifestyle account’s Instagram feed. Wells charges $150 for an initial consult, so she basically paid a hefty amount of money upfront for Wells to tell her everything that sucks about her page.

“My own Instagram feed grew organically, and what I bring to the table is an artist’s view. I’m able to see the feed as a cohesive whole, and work with individuals to make sure that their photos match their brand,” says Wells.

But is it worth it? Take a look for yourself.

This is a photo from 17 weeks ago, before Vincent had Wells’ help. It’s definitely not up to my own Instagram standards, but it’s okay.

And now a more recent picture. You can see the difference.

Vincent’s Instagram consultant paid off, and now she’s seeing more likes on her page and her account growing slowly but surely.

“Before I thought in terms of one image. What Louisa taught us was the importance of having a color scheme and an aesthetic throughout. Now when I post an image, I think a lot more about how the photo fits into the overall feed,” says Vincent, who believes the investment in coaching was worth the return in terms of visibility, as well as opportunities to collaborate with companies on sponsored posts — such as a recent partnership with athleisure-wear company Sweaty Betty.

I don’t think I’m going to start emptying my bank account in the name of Instagram anytime soon, but if I ever hate myself enough to launch a “lifestyle” brand in 2016, I might reconsider.

[via New York Post]

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