Millennials’ Biggest Fear Is Never Finding Love

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Now is not a good time to be scared of stuff. With the mass amount of shootings, terror attacks, and the orange-faced man running for President most of us have plenty of reasons to just pull the covers over our faces and just say “nah” to the whole living and existing in society thing. Plus, cockroaches have not yet become extinct so that’s a whole nother thing we have to fucking deal with.

But despite all of that, the terror and the guns and the bugs, there’s one thing most millennials are even more afraid of — never finding love.

Seriously. In a recent study conducted by Vice , it was found that over everything else we have to deal with, our generation is most afraid of dying alone. Which is both really sad and really poetic.

From Bustle:

A recent VICE study posed the following question to 2,500 Millennials in the UK: “What are you most scared of?” According to the results, which were compiled into the VICELAND UK Census, a majority 31 percent of people said their worst fear is never finding love. In fact, that beat being homeless, losing a job, and being in the middle of a terrorist attack.

The fact that people are more afraid of not finding someone to go to brunch with and ignore for your phone than not having a roof over your head or a steady paycheck is mindboggling to me. I mean, I get it. Love is great and all. And sure, having a boyfriend to take plandid pictures of you and complain to is nice. But being able to pay your bills is pretty sweet too. But between sleeping in a box under a bridge and having a guy who never remembers to put the seat down, it should be pretty clear which one is more terrifying. But who am I to judge? I couldn’t go into my bathroom for a week when I saw a spider in there so like, I’m no hero.

When the study went on to differentiate between people who are single and in relationships, however, and the results were a bit different.

When you split the results by relationship status, 42 percent of singles said never finding love was the number one thing they feared the most. Married folks and those already in relationships were more likely to put being homeless at the top of their fear list.

So basically, if you’re single you want the security of a relationship, and if you’re in a relationship you want the security of a home. Both sort of come down to the same thing — we want to feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Thank God for Tinder, amirght? Now if someone could just pay my rent.

[via Bustle]

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