Miss Florida Has Title Stripped After Voting Mix-Up, Judges Were Too Stupid To Count Votes Correctly

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Like some of you, I used to be in pageants when I was little. My parents used to throw a dress and wig on me and toss me into the ring because they knew I could compete. I had golden pipes and could really work the runway. The DeVry Girl ran the central lower upper middle Wyoming age 4-5 pageant scene in March of 1997.

As a natural-born winner, I don’t know what it feels like to not win something. I imagine that if you’re going to not win, though, this would be a terrible way for it to go down.

From Franchise Herald:

Just a week after her coronation, the winner of the 2014 Miss Florida pageant was dethroned on Friday when organizers said they had crowned the wrong woman after a vote-count error.

Elizabeth Fechtel, a 20-year-old student at the University of Florida, won this year’s pageant in front of nearly 2,000 spectators last Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Apparently the mistake came when a judge changed his mind on who he was voting for — an action that was not realized by the vote counter until after Fechtel’s coronation as Miss Florida. What a heartless bastard.

Fechtel, who is a member of Alpha Delta Pi at UF, got royally screwed over here. You don’t just tell someone they’re a winner and then tell them they’re a loser. You fucked up – that makes you the loser. I stand behind Fechtel here. And I say that not only because she’s a hard right swipe on Tinder, but because I don’t believe in dashing dreams — I leave that to my parents.

You’ll always be my Miss Florida 2014, Liz.

[via Franchise Herald]

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