Model Calls Out F-Boys To Their Girlfriends

Model Calls Out F-Boys To Their Girlfriends

Models. We hate them because they’re hotter than us, get paid to wear nice clothes, and because we know our boyfriends definitely jacked off to the thought of them.

Some models (Kendall, Gigi, etc, etc) are better than others because they’re beautiful and cool as fuck. They eat pizza, date members of One Direction, and allow us to live our dreams vicariously through social media. Others, like Emily Sears, are cool, because they just get us.

Since she’s so hot, she’s managed to incur an impressive 2.3 million followers on Instagram. The likes aren’t the only thing that’s been rolling in, though. Random dudes keep sending her dick pics, because guys are the fucking worse and think that’s a cute conversation starter, and homegirl is absolutely over it.

Model Penis

Maybe it’s because penises look disgusting and anyone who disagrees is a liar. Maybe she doesn’t want weak-ass dick pics because she’s a model who could be dating an an ex-boybander. Who knows, under that killer body and gorgeous contour, she could actually just be a really good person. It doesn’t matter what her reasoning is, though, but she’s kicking these dudes in the metaphorical crotch and doing what any decent friend might.

She’s sending the screenshots to girlfriends.

And sometimes, the rest of their families.

For the first time in all of human history, the average-looking and genetically blessed have united against a common foe: fuckboys. It’s nice to know that someone so beautiful has got your back.

So no matter if your boyfriend is a one-time sender or a dick pic pro, she will let you know, in horrifying graphic detail. Due to her heroic action, hopefully guys everywhere will begin to see that sending your dick to hot girls on the internet is a great way to lose yourself the guaranteed sex of a relationship.

And if that doesn’t work, nothing stops nudes faster than knowing they might end up in the hands of your grandmother.

[via Buzzfeed]

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