Model Says What We All Secretly Feel And Goes Off On Followers For Photo With Only 14 Likes

Know what sucks? Posting a fire pic to Instagram, waiting for the likes to roll in, and then nada. Yeah, I know, we suck as millennials for caring so much about Instagram likes. WE CAN’T HELP IT, OKAY?! It’s especially frustrating when your followers to likes ratio is not ideal. Hello people, I know you see the photo. Hit it with that double tap.

Cassi Van Den Dungen understands this feeling, and she’s had enough of her followers not giving her the likes she deserves.

The 23-year-old is a model from Australia, who was on season five of Australia‚Äôs Next Top Model. You can tell she’s a ~model~ from her stoic look and cigarette.

#Regram @meghakapoor

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She recently went on some travel “adventures” as every twenty-something does. Some people (who you probably hate) may even say she has “wanderlust.”

#OffOnAnAdventure #RoadTrip #Regram @runningbare83

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Cassi was less than pleased with her almost 9,000 followers when the photo got a mere fourteen likes. Rightfully so, she went off on her followers for that pitiful ratio. She had a few choice words, telling them, “YOU ALL SUCK.” She also thinks that the lack of likes indicate that her followers “don’t like [her] having new adventures, as if [she’s] not allowed fun.”

Preach it girl.

Honestly, same. I posted a quote yesterday, and my followers let me down too. Get it together, people. I think Cassi’s “YOU ALL SUCK” should be the new Amanda Bynes’s “UR UGLY.” #DoItForTheGram

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