Monthly Subscription To Rent The Runway Now Allows You To Rent Designer Pieces For As Long As You Want


Everyone knows that there’s no reason to leave the house when you have Netflix–it’s the ultimate significant other. Now, you’ll never need to see the light of day again with an unlimited Rent the Runway subscription. Sure, Rent the Runway is convenient for formals, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could simply order a monthly closet upgrade on the reg? For $75 a month, you can.

I’ve always had some qualms when it comes to Rent the Runway. After all, if you ask any of my exes, you’ll find out soon enough that I get way too attached. Renting an outfit that you love would be like fostering an adorable puppy that you never want to leave. How do you say goodbye when you’re already obsessed? It’s unclear, but for $75, it’s worth doing some personal research.

The unlimited subscription is for designer accessories, so ditch your Vera key fob and Lilly tote for some serious statement pieces and a style upgrade. They’ll send you super chic handbags, leather jackets, and jewelry from brands like Moschino, Balenciaga, Helmut Lang, and Missoni. No more standing in line at all hours for the introduction of the Target Missoni collection when you can finally rock the real deal for less. There are already more than 1,000 pieces available for rent, and you can keep the items as long as you want. Plus, there’s free shipping each way. You will officially be the chicest girl at formal, always.

Rent the Runway is making serious moves. They’re rebranding, which, in the future, will include the ability to purchase items you’ve tried at a discounted rate. They’re trying to erase disposable fashion from stores like Forever 21 and H&M (mixer favorites forever). As someone who loves designers and hates spending money on clothing (I mean, I could spend it on liquor) I’m all in. Welcome to the future, where you can rent literally anything. There’s no reason to ever leave your house, other than to make the world your runway.

[via Racked]

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