It Looks Like More “Twilight” Movies Might Actually Happen


The great debate of our generation: Team Edward or Team Jacob? I know it’s hard for the right winged vampire conservatives to get along with the progressive werewolves, but for this matter, we need all parties to come together for the common good of pop culture. Team Edward. Team Jacob. Get ready, because we could be drooling over those smoldering vampire eyes or the bronzed, chiseled abs sooner than we know it.

I know this is a cruel thing to dangle in your faces without hard facts, almost like how terrible it was for Edward and his family to not eat Bella alive every time they were together, but let’s hope that us “Twilight” fans have a happily ever after just like Bella and Edward did.

When asked about filming more “Twilight” movies, co-chairman of Lionsgate and former head of Summit Patrick Wachsberger told ScreenDaily, “It’s a possibility.”

Hey people, a possibility is a lot better than a hard pass. Wachsberger said it would be up to the author of the “Twilight” novels, Stephenie Meyer.

It’s about Stephenie. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we’re here for her.

That’s right, the lady always holds all the power and never forget it. Hopefully, Stephenie uses her powers for good, not evil and gives the people what they want. Whether you are team Edward or team Jacob, I’m sure we are all team fifth “Twilight” movie.

[via ScreenDaily]

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