Morning Sex Is Good For Your Boyfriend’s Libido So We All Need To Have More Of It


I think morning sex is severely underrated. To be that exposed in broad daylight is terrifying, yet oddly freeing. It’s nice to ignore last night’s crusty makeup and realize that guys really don’t give a shit how ratchet you look. Once you’ve perfected the art of morning sex, the two of you are basically mated for life as he has seen you at your absolute most disgusting.

And now, more reasons to bang in the a.m.

A new study found that morning sex, complete with exposure to bright lights, might help men have a higher libido and be better in bed. Researchers from the University of Siena conducted the study with 38 men with “low” libidos. They gave half of the men doses of bright light every morning for two weeks, while the other half were given light boxes with less powerful lights. The men with brighter lights rated a higher sexual satisfaction (6.3 out of 10), while the men with dimmer lights showed much lower scores (2.7 out of 10). The lead researcher, Professor Faglioni, said that there are a few reaons why brighter light is good for sexual satisfaction, one bring that “light therapy inhibits the pineal gland in the center of the brain,” resulting in higher testosterone levels.

Anyone who’s in a long-term relationship can concur. Once you get past the first few months, gone are the days of missionary with the lights off, and on are the days of bright and early hangover sex (a.k.a. the “bangover”). It’s nice to know that he’s just as attracted to you (or at least your bod) under borderline fluorescent lights as he was when he was too shitfaced to see straight the night before. Even if there is a basic biological explanation for it, you can play ignorant and pretend it’s because he’s really just that into you.

[via Elite Daily]

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