Move Over, Flower Crowns: Mermaid Crowns Are Here And They’re Gorgeous

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Flower crowns are like blowing glitter in recruitment videos: definitely cute, huge in popularity for awhile, and now a little outdated. I’ve rocked a flower crown or two in my day, mostly at a festival or a darty where I stole it off some hipster girl’s head and wore it around for the rest of the day. They’re great, but they definitely feel a little Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to me, which is just a little creepy. Also, people wearing flower crowns always look like woodland creatures and while some may find that cute it honestly freaks me out a little bit.

But, I get it — they’re cheap, they’re easy, and they’re still cute, which coincidentally are all adjectives that also describe me (just kidding, sort of.) There also haven’t been a lot of great alternatives to flower crowns. There are always headbands, scarves, even tiaras if you really want to be that girl, but nothing special. Thankfully, that all changes now.

An Australian woman who used to make and sell flower crowns is now selling an alternative: mermaid crowns. Chelsea Shiel’s creations are made of seashells, obvi, and whatever other beautiful accessories she needs to help inspire her final product, like jewels or glitter. They’re also fucking gorgeous. Just looking at them makes me want to put on a bikini and float on ocean waves.

The mermaid crowns are whimsical, but with an added air of mystery, and they’re way more intricate than the flower version. You can’t just stick some daisies on a headband and call it good with this trend. Unless you’re a crafting master, or you’ve at least made your big and little like a hundred decorated picture frames, this is going to be hard to pull off. I’d rather order one of these from a pro than risk gluing a seashell to my forehead, but that’s just me.

In case you’re in love with these crowns, but wondering where you would ever get the chance to wear one besides for Instagram purposes, Halloween is also coming up way faster than you think. Just sayin’.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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