Move Over Kim, Kylie Jenner’s Sex Tape Was Just Leaked


The Kardashians are literally family goals. Kris has ensured that blood is thicker than water (but not cold, hard cash). If you cross one of the sisters, Khloé will drag your name across the gym floor, kiss you goodbye, and leave you scrambling to pick up the pieces of your once shiny social life. Unless, of course, you get knocked up by Rob and become the only true kard-karrying Kardashian. Or Kris can use you to get her ten percent. Then all is forgiven.

Because they are so close, Kylie decided to take the phrase “like big, like little” way too seriously and follow in Kim’s footsteps. Rumor has it that she and Tyga made a sex tape before they broke up, and now the video is threatening to leak. Again. It’s sweet to see family keeping up with tradition.

According to Daily Mail, the video appeared on Tyga’s website for half an hour last night before being deleted, and twitter users are claiming they have a copy of it, along with 10 inch dicks and 2.5 million dollars.

Since California has laws against the releasing of revenge porn, Tyga could face huge fines or jail time if it’s discovered he is behind the leak. He also stands to make millions, considering that Vivid Entertainment offered the duo ten million dollars make a movie, following Kylie’s 18th birthday last August.

While Kylie knows that Tyga “won’t release the video to the masses, [she] is scared that the sex tape could get in the wrong person’s hands.” Personally, I think that is giving Tyga a lot of credit. He did end an engagement to the mother of his child so he could have sex with a girl who was, logically, the babysitter. That is already the plot of a very low-quality pornographic film.

While the video has still yet to truly surface for good, if it’s out there, Kris will make money on it.

[via Daily Mail, TMZ]

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