MSU Bans Liquor From Pike Events After Sexual Assault

In response to a reported rape, Montana State University has banned hard alcohol from Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity’s events. I repeat, in response to a rape, Pike’s punishment is a liquor ban. Is it in poor taste, at this point, to say “Liquor doesn’t rape people. People rape people”? Thusly, it should be people who are banned from Greek life functions, and not alcohol.

Rape’s not a joke, and I know many comedy writers, comedians, and funny people follow up “Rape’s not a joke” with a joke, but I can’t do that — unless making fun of the other rape-jokers counts as a joke. It’s one of the single most heinous things you can do to another person. Maybe certain members of your fraternity get a little rapey when they get a little drunky — that means REMOVE THOSE MEMBERS from your fraternity. It does not mean remove liquor from those members. If an entire fraternity has a reputation of “rapers,” the response, again, is to get rid of that FRATERNITY, not take the LIQUOR away from that fraternity. Are we seeing how this is a problem?

Pike has also been ordered to attend sexual harassment prevention classes, something I think most fraternities have a meeting on yearly, anyway. The worst part, I think, is that beer and wine are still allowed at events, so long as a few members stay sober (WHICH IS ALREADY A RULE) in order to “ “ensure all intoxicated guests are escorted home and not taken advantage of, sexually or otherwise.”

In an unrelated incident, sexual assault charges were made against Sigma Chi. Like Pike, Sigma Chi was put on probation, which apparently means little. “The university has not said what further disciplinary action, if any, it might take against Sigma Chi.”

Step up your game, MSU.

[via Toronto Sun]


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Veronica Ruckh

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