My Formal Date Cried In Front Of Me And I’ve Never Been Less Attracted To Someone


I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and I was ready to explore the single life in my college town for the very first time. This cute boy in my classes had been flirting with me for awhile so I figured “why not?” One conversation lead to a text and in a total cliché, we started hanging out.

For the next couple of weeks, we texted nonstop and were hooking up fairly frequently. It started getting more intense when he started asking me about the future — where I wanted to live after graduation, how many kids I wanted to have — and it seemed like all of our plans aligned. It was the end of the semester and I asked him if he wanted to go to semi-formal with me which he enthusiastically agreed to.

Fast forward to the week before semi and he completely ghosts me. Although, it’s really hard to ghost someone that you are literally forced to see in class and at work. So I did what I’m best at and confronted him and asked if I should get a new date to semi. He was beyond apologetic and explained that he was busy, and his phone was on the fritz, and an elephant stampede had trampled his house — basically every excuse in the book.

“If you’re going to stand me up for semi, just tell me now and I’ll get a new date,” I declared outside of our shared class. I didn’t want to fall for it.

“No, I’m totally going to be there, I really want to go,” he insisted. And despite his shifty eyes, his hesitancy, and the way he avoided not only my texts but also my eye contact, I fell for it.

The day of semi comes and no texts, no calls, no DMs, or carrier pigeons from the guy who said he also wanted three-ish children. I was annoyed, but not particularly surprised and figured it was time to move on. It was the end of the semester so we didn’t have to see each other anymore which was perfect for me.

A week comes by and I had almost forgotten the entire thing when I get a text from him.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t answer you last week but I can explain it all, could we meet in person.”

This was followed by a phone call requesting the same thing. He offered to take me to a local sushi restaurant and I never say no to free food so I obliged. I decided to meet him there in case I needed to make a quick escape.

I get there, we sit at the bar, and he starts explaining himself. Unfortunately, the explanation came down to, “I have a girlfriend and I didn’t want her to find out we’ve been hooking up.” I was horrified and even more so when he started crying about how he had really messed up. And I mean literally crying tears. At the bar. In front of other people. He just kept rambling about how much he liked this other girl and how he’s never felt the way he does about her before. The second he stopped talking I knew I needed to get the eff out of there ASAP and I was beyond thankful I had my own car there. I took the rest of my food to go and never looked back. Realizing I dodged a bullet on that one, I thanked my lucky stars I was not his girlfriend and enjoyed the single life — eating free sushi in my bed pantsless.

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Just a sassy Masshole turned sorority girl that loves wine almost as much as she loves her cats. After two years as recruitment chair she has the uncontrollable desire to critique everything you do. Trying to figure out the next move after four years in college as HBIC.

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