My Sorority House Is Haunted


It was a cold, stormy, pitch-black night when the power went off in my sorority house. A demon was lurking in the shadows ready to take over the body of a young, hot sorority chick.

Nah, I’m just kidding, but that’s usually how horror stories begin so I figured I should set the mood.

Two years ago, I moved into a sorority house with seventeen of my beautiful sisters. The house is absolutely amazing. All three floors are decorated full of girly crafts, banners, big and little paddles, and composites. Each room is carefully designed and decorated to fit each girl’s likes and dislikes. Our house is even located on a huge field and when the weather gets nice, shirtless fraternity boys play football on it. But, the best part about living in the house is that you are never alone. You will always have someone to binge eat fried foods with, do your hair and makeup with, watch “Gossip Girl” with, and talk with you about your weekend hookups. Every sorority girl should get to experience a house like this.

Along with the perfect exterior and interior of the house, there is something unusual about it. We have a ghost that lingers the halls and bedrooms of this house. I know you’re probably thinking, “yeah right, you’re going to honestly tell me that you can prove there is a ghost the lurks the halls of your home?” Abso-fucking-lutely.

You can decide for yourself if you really believe me, but here are the facts. The first sign that there were paranormal entities lurking in our house was when my sisters would hear noises that could not be explained. Sometimes we would hear loud banging and scratching noises on the first floor of the house, but no one would be downstairs. Other times, heavy doors would spontaneously fly open or slam shut. Multiple sisters have said that they saw out of the corner of their eyes a black figure standing beside them and when they turned their heads to look, the figure would be gone. But, by far the creepiest event that has ever occurred in the house was when a maintenance person left the basement door unlocked.

Since many sisters have never been in the basement before, we obviously had to go explore. The basement was spider infested, below freezing, and it gave off this eerie smell. While walking around the dark basement someone shined her iPhone 6’s flashlight onto the wall. There upon the wall was an outline of specific fraternity letters. We all stood extremely still and confused until a loud banging noise came from the back of the basement. The loud noise led us to flee up the stairs while screaming in high pitch voices.

Following our interesting discovery, one of the sisters decided to look up the fraternity letters on the internet. After doing some research, we found out that our house used to be a fraternity house many years ago. The creepy part was that a young man passed away in the house from a horrible accident. I believe that he’s the one that haunts the grounds that our home lies on and he is behind the unusual happenings that are occurring.

While it is pretty scary knowing that we have the ghost of a frat boy wandering our halls, we decided to just leave him alone. It was his house first, after all. Aside from spooking us every now and again, he’s pretty harmless.

At least for now.

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