So Nail Contouring Is A New “Trend” That Shouldn’t Exist

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Another day another “trend” that should be burned at the stake. Recently I’ve seen hair trends that have made me want to gouge my eyes out and makeup trends that baffle my mind. But I guess that’s what we get for being totally Instagram obsessed. Still, I sort of understood them. Rose gold hair? I mean, rose gold is trendy AF and at least the color isn’t hideous. And trying any and every beauty idea in the game is understandable because we have to use the absurd amount of makeup we buy when we blackout at Sephora for something, right?

But recently, I came across another “trend” (I use this term very lightly. Chokers are trendy. Off the shoulder tops are trendy. These psycho things people do for IG likes are not trends, but whatever) that made me want to throw my computer as my IQ steadily dropped. It’s called nail contouring. Yes. You read that correctly.

Nail contouring.

Basically what it is is a dark shade in the middle of light shades so your nails, in theory, look longer. But in reality it just looks like you were lazy and only painted your nail one fucking stroke.

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Tell me I didn’t call it. TELL ME.

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A photo posted by JINsoon (@jinsoon) on

According to Cosmopolitan this “look” was used at a recent Vera Wang show, which proves I will never ever understand high fashion. What I’ve learned with my “only wears yoga pants and old t-shirts” fashion sense is that unless we’re talking wedding dresses, I kind of don’t care. And if Vera’s dresses start looking like these nails, I won’t be using one for my big day. Well, that and the price tag.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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