Natalie Portman In “Jackie” Will Have You Questioning Your Entire Identity As A Marilyn

Natalie Portman In "Jackie" Will Have You Questioning Your Entire Identity As A Marilyn

Jackie O is an icon for a lot of reasons. She’s poised. She’s beautiful. And she was constantly serving LOOKS. But as someone who’s sent enough nudes to never be married to a politician (until now! Thanks, Milania!), I’ve always been more of a Marilyn than a Jackie myself.

Until Natalie Portman came and portrayed Jackie so flawlessly, so tragically beautifully, that I had to reconsider.

I’m shook. That performance is next level. This is the role Natalie Portman was made for, and after a lot of research, she had a lot to say about the upcoming film and former First Lady:

“I mean, I always had this icon respect [for her], like, ‘Oh, she’s so elegant,’” Portman explained. “But not this sort of interior respect of the inner strength it took to be that composed to the world [in the days following her husband’s assassination], as a sort of gift to the world, because she understood how symbolic her reactions to all of these events would be while she was obviously crumbling inside.”

The physical and auditory resemblance are straight incredible, and Portman portrays Jackie as such a tortured beauty that I finally feel like I can relate to this incredible woman — the tortured part, not the beauty part. Not the composure part either. Okay, I’m still a fucking Marilyn. Drag me.

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Veronica Ruckh

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