“Neighbors 2” Is About Sorority Girls (And Still Zac Efron, Don’t Worry)

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Last summer, we were given a great gift in the form of Neighbors. Of course, it portrayed Greek life horribly and the plot made absolutely no sense, zoning laws, ya know? But none of that really was important, because no matter how illogical the whole movie was, it gave us these two hot guys in one movie:

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Of course, we had to pay for that gift, but who cares? There is no price too high for 97 minutes of Zac Efron and his abs, plus a little Dave Franco on the side, which became all too apparent when the film raked in a $268 million profit on an $18 million budget. So it’s no surprise to anyone a sequel has been announced for next summer that will bring Zefron and his abs back in all of their glory. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising will tell the story of what happens when a sorority moves in to the house next door to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne’s characters from the first movie. When the ladies give the couple some trouble, they turn to their former enemy, Teddy, for assistance.

The movie, set for release on May 13, 2016, will also star Chloe Moretz, presumably as the leader of the sorostitutes next door. No more details on the plot are available, but does anyone really care? As long as Zac is there and shirtless, I’ll gladly plunk down my $10.75.

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