New Netflix Documentary “Audrie & Daisy” Covers Devastating Rape Cases That Took Over Social Media

Audrie & Daisy

The cases of Daisy Coleman and Audrie Pott shook the world. In 2012 you couldn’t turn on the news or go on the internet without seeing their names everywhere. Without hearing about the most painful, horrible moment in their lives. The moments that became terrifying public. Daisy was sexually assaulted by the grandson of a very powerful, former state representative. In Audrie’s case, it was three boys at a party.

The consequences of these cases were devastating. Daisy’s family got run out of their town. Their house got burned down. Her assaulter got two years’ probation. That’s it. Just two years. And Audrie? Pictures of the incident, of her incident, circled around her school. Around her friends and family and strangers. Audie committed suicide.

And now their stories are being told. All of it. The trailer alone is enough to make you feel everything.

The powerful documentary is going to be released on Netflix on September 23.

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