Netflix Is Bringing Chuck Bass Back From The Dead, Sort Of

Netflix Is Bringing Chuck Bass Back From The Dead, Sort Of

The first time I started watching “Gossip Girl” I was a little embarrassed. Sure, I had read the books in early high school, but I never really got hooked on the show. The characters weren’t how I had pictured, the storyline didn’t match up, and my mom kept walking into the room at the most awkward times. So, I gave up on it and went back to doing more important things, like dry-humping my shitty boyfriend.

Then, my senior year of college, when I was dancing on that delicate line of being sick of the college bars but not wanting to actually be productive, I dove into the series. I was bored and thanks to the Netflix password I had swiped from my ex, letting his queue fill up with “Gossip Girl” seemed like the perfect way to stir things up in his new relationship. And, thanks to the fact that I had destroyed so many brain cells with vodka, I had totally forgotten the plot lines of the books and loved the show. I felt too old to be as obsessed as I was, but fuck it. That shit was good.

And naturally, the best part of the entire series is, of course,Chuck Bass. The total bad boy, his voice alone is enough to cause a flood warning. Add to that the chiseled jaw, the piercing eyes, and the giant penis (just fantasizing, here), and he’s obviously a sex angel sent from above. And since the show ended, he’s only been in a few things here and there which is sad because, you know, he’s fucking hot really talented.

But now, Netflix has seen the light that is Ed Westwick and is officially bringing Chuck back from the dead (sort of).

In his new show, “White Gold,” Ed “Chuck Bass” Westwick is a window salesman or something cheesy like that in London. That part doesn’t matter. Who cares *what* the show is actually about it? Because Ed? He’s lookin’ good. The time away did not do him wrong. He’s still got that effortless confidence and perfect bone structure that made us fall in love with him in the first place. Sure, the show takes place in 1980. And no, I can’t understand a single fucking word he says because he’s speaking in an English, Essex accent. Whatever. I don’t care. The point is, he’s back, he’s wearing a suit, and the world seems to be just a little bit brighter.

Hopefully, this one is around longer than “Wicked City” so that we, and our vibrators, can truly appreciate all that Ed Westwick has to offer.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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