Netflix Is Creating An Actual Stars Hollow For You To Visit


Literally nowhere else on the entire planet looks as cute and as charming as the fictional “Stars Hollow” from Gilmore Girls. I mean, c’mon even the name is adorable. It makes you want to live in your winter coat with a coffee cup in your hand with Luckily, for all of us freaks out there Netflix is building up the set for all of us.

Yes, you read right. Netflix will build the set of cute New England town on UCLA in Dickson Court for “The Festival of the Four Seasons” — a nod to the reunion’s four-part seasonal special. In order to honor the new reunion mini-series, the whole shindig starts off Saturday, November 19th from 12-6pm and will continues through the next day.

Entry is NOT guaranteed, but if you register for the event on Eventbrite, you just might get a chance to tour some of the town’s landmarks like Luke’s Coffee, your favorite gazebo, Kim’s antiques, a seasonal photo booth and much more. Some unnamed Stars Hollow residents will also be making appearances in order to honor the show’s well-anticipated reunion, and the lack of name-dropping suggests it probably won’t be any actual Gilmore girls, but that still sounds pretty cool. So, uhh, do it for the ‘gram.

[via E!]

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