Netflix Surge Pricing Is About To Be A Thing So Hold Onto Your Ex’s Password

Netflix Surge Pricing Is About To Be A Thing So Hold Onto Your Ex's Password

If there’s one thing that irritates me beyond belief, it’s surge pricing. We all fell in love with Uber based on the convenience and low price, but as soon as it’s game day or New Year’s Eve, everything we loved about the company flew out the window and we replaced our love with hatred. Listen, it’s not that I won’t pay for a high-end product (hey Lilly Pulitzer), but when I get used to a low, consistent price for a service, I want it to stay that way. Unfortunately, my love for Netflix binges may soon fade away because surge pricing on TV streaming may be the newest thing on the market.

This weekend, Netflix users in Australia noted higher prices for their streaming service during peak hours, which sent alarm signals across the globe. Since the price increases happened during prime weekend hours, Netflix users everywhere started to panic that Netflix would be the next Uber – and since we all binge on nights and weekends anyway, this is obviously a point of concern. Thankfully for us, Netflix explained the surging away by arguing that they were testing price increases by market and that our go-to streaming service won’t be the next Uber. While prices might go up soon, Netflix didn’t completely discount surge pricing in the future either – when asked, a spokesman for the company said it was “unlikely,” but definitely still possible, which is a complete bummer.

If surge pricing does start to happen, however, you now have more than one reason to hold onto your ex’s password. First, obviously, you’re not going to want to pay for your weekend binges. Of course, you may also want to use his account even if you’re not home just to make an impact on his credit card statement. Going out on Saturday night? Time to stream Master of None season 2. Brunch on Sunday? Better play 13 Reasons Why from the beginning again. If Netflix gives me the tiniest option to give a last “fuck you” to my ex, you’d better believe I’m going to take it. For my own accounts though, it may be time to start changing sleepovers to Hulu and chill, because you’d better believe I’m not paying a premium to mute a show while my man friend is over.

[via USA Today]

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