New App Tells You Whether Or Not To Be Mad At Your Idiot Boyfriend

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Unsure of how you feel about your current love interest? Well, now there’s an app for that. Offering further proof that we are now completely unable to make any decisions without help from our smartphones, The Boyfriend Log is a “personalized color-coded calendar provides visual clarity. Because seeing is believing and clarity is queen.” The app allows you to select how you feel daily about your relationship. Was it a romantic, happy, flat, sad, or angry day? Each mood is represented by a color, and when you select your mood each day, you should be able to see the color patterns in your relationship emerge. Are you happy (orange) the majority of the time? Maybe he’s the one. Are you angry (red) with him just during the week and romantic (green) on the weekend? Perhaps you just need to get yourself a different boyfriend during the week. Do you just feel flat (yellow) or sad (blue) all the time? It may be time to cut the ties and move onto the next.

Seeing more than one guy? There’s an option for that, too. According to The Boyfriend Log website, if you are “dating more than one guy and need to compare the relationships to make an informed decision,” the app allows you to track your daily feelings for multiple guys at once. You are also able to add notes to each day’s feelings, which makes it easy to remember that it was Rob who brought you flowers, not Jake.

But ladies, you better watch out. According to the company’s website, The Girlfriend Log for guys’ use is set to launch soon. Maybe this will work out in our favor–Lord knows, guys need all the help they can get to figure out their feelings.

(Via KISS108)

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