New Orleans Socialite Attends Her Own Funeral With A Cigarette In One Hand, Glass Of Champagne In The Other

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It’s pretty much a given that most normal people don’t talk about–or even think about–what their own funeral will be like. The topic of death in general just isn’t a great conversation starter. Sure, I might have drunkenly slurred, “I want to be buried next to you” to an empty jar of Nutella after a bad night out last month, but even then I was kidding. Kind of.

But according to one New Orleans socialite, your funeral doesn’t have to be morbid and sad. Rather, in her eyes, when you’re confronted with the worst, you should plan for the best–makeup, costumes, alcohol, and all.

Local New Orleans TV station WGNO reported that Louisiana philanthropist Mickey Easterling sadly passed away last week. Ms. Mickey didn’t plan on saying goodbye in any less than extraordinary fashion, though. Like the great planner she was, Mickey put together a strict set of rules for her funeral arrangements. Besides requesting that her wake be open to the public, she planned out exactly what she would wear: an ornate, Asian-inspired tunic, a bright pink feather boa, and an extravagant party hat. As every good socialite knows, it’s the accessories that make an outfit–which is why Mickey chose to don a large rhinestone pin on her shirt that read “Bitch,” along with a cigarette holder in one hand and a glass of Champagne in the other.

Mickey Easterling was known for her grand lifestyle, her dramatic hats, and her ability to throw some of the most memorable parties in New Orleans. “She loved the limelight. She loved the attention,” her daughter said. “She was flamboyant. She had flair. She was outrageous.”

Although she loved to be the center of attention, Mickey always turned that attention into helping people in need, as she is remembered for her civil, cultural, and political activism. “She touched so many different people. She made such a contribution in our city, to arts and the community,” said one of the attendees at her memorial service.

Her passing should remind us all that giving is more important than taking, standing out is better than blending in, and that life in itself is a party–and therefore should be celebrated to the fullest extent.

In Mickey’s own words: “Darling, don’t be afraid to be original.”

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