New Ring Box Camera Records Your Reaction

Engagement Camera

It seems as if guys get more creative with how they propose every day. They create scavenger hunts, hire hidden photographers, and really do everything they can to make our day even more special. Their latest innovation? A ring camera: a camera INSIDE the box of your engagement ring.

The Ring Cam is actually super easy to use. You simply hold down the button on the top of the box for three seconds, watch for the flashing yellow light, and then, it’s time to pop the question! To end the recording, you just hold down the button again. Piece of cake, right? To charge it or to access the video you recorded, you just plug the USB connector into your computer and voilà–you’re ready to share the video with your friends and family.

It’s a great idea, yeah, but I’m not sure I want everyone seeing the faces I make when I get proposed to, since I’m pretty sure they’ll be a cross between ugly crying and laughing hysterically at the idiot who actually wants to marry me. But for the ladies who can actually manage to hold it together while he expresses his unending love, this is for you. Happy engagement, and good luck turning those Pinterest boards into a reality!

[via Get Ring Cam]

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