Newborn Baby Discovered Dead In Front Of Sorority House At Muskingum University

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According to The Columbus Dispatch, a newborn baby was found dead outside Delta Gamma Theta at Muskingum University in Ohio. Reports state the child was just a few hours old.

At present time, is it not yet known whether the mother was a member of Delta Gamma Theta. Her identity has not been released to the public, but according to multiple reports, she is a student.

The authorities are performing an autopsy on the baby to determine cause of death, but until that investigation is closed, all twelve students living at the Delta Gamma Theta house have to find another place to stay.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred at Muskingum. In 2002, a baby was found dead in a dumpster on the exact same street. The mother was a student at the university, and told authorities she thought the baby was stillborn. She was convicted and served jail time.

This kind of tragedy doesn’t need to happen again. Mothers who are not prepared for the responsibility of a child have options. Every state in the US has some sort of “safe haven” law, where mothers who have given birth and feel like they can’t provide for their child can anonymously leave their babies at places like hospitals or police stations without being prosecuted. To find out the specifics of the law in your state, click here.

Students struggling with the news are encouraged to speak with a counselor or chaplain on campus.

[via The Columbus Dispatch]

Image via Fox 28

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